European Union gives great chances for young people but it doesn not exclude others. Most of the times EU mobility projects are looking for participants until 30 years old to be part in a project with a spesific topic approximately for 10 days. In this way people have the opportunity to learn new information, gain experience in variou field and meet new and interesting people from all over Europe. You can find online a lot of training courses and/ or youth exchanges. Whatever you choose you will definitely have fun. Let’ see now some of these opportunities…

~ Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Integration and Social Inclusion of Young (Vulnerable) People ~

It is an online project from 24 to 26 February 2021, from an German organization.  It will take place online because of Covid.

Through this online training you will learn how to actively intervene in social dialogue and promote positive interaction. You will be trained on how to be a good Mediator, the power of Intercultural Mediation, culture and conflict.

Target Group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches, Youth trainers/youth workers/youth leaders with migrant background

The aim

  • To enhance your training capacity in order to support the inclusion of local and migrant/refugee youth?
  • To be empowered and equipped with skills and knowledge in order to become a young mediator who reaches out young people at risk of marginalisation and radicalisation and acts as a multiplier of inclusion?
  • To learn how to use intercultural mediation as a tool for integration and social inclusion by intervening actively in the social dialogue and by promoting a positive interaction based on active and effective listening?
  •  To build your own self-confidence to work in blended learning environments?

Application Deadline: 06/02/2021

Apply now here:

~ Online Workshops: The Art and Science of Storytelling ~

It is onlines workshops: The Art and Science of Storytelling from February to March 2021 from a Czech organization.

Do you want to learn about the art and science of STORYTELLING and how to create and share STORIES effectively? hese online workshops are designed for a smaller group (around 18 people) and will involve a lot of direct and personal interaction. Don’t expect long webinars and talks, these activities are super hands-on. Our work will include bits of theory, loads of group and individual exercises, challenges and games, sharing and reflection, and a variety of interactive digital tools to make our sessions more dynamic and engaging. 

Target Group:

18 participants from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Other countries in the world

From the feedback:

  • “a great balance between game, mystery, self-reflection and tribe sharing. Looking forward to the next session!”
  • “this method of workshop is extremely valuable and I would love if it can be ongoing, like a school or a club which will be sustainable”
  • “who would have said that I am going to enjoy sitting around the fire in a zoom meeting! I appreciate more and longer time for group work and the magical atmosphere”
  • “every week I feel more and more like we need to all go for a drink after the workshop”

PRICING: 19 € for 1 workshop and 69 € for the whole series of 4.
If you apply to the whole series with a friend or colleague, each person will receive a discount of 5 eur.

Application Deadline: 12/02/2021

Apply now here:

Do not hesitate to apply and live those amazing experiences. Of course in the end participants will receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activities. 


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