Food for thought

Ciao a tutti! / Sziasztok!

At the beginning of the new year there is only one thing I want you to seriously think about: Could you imagine the holidays without all the traditional dishes? As we like consistency – and because there are basically no other pictures on my phone – I would like to start my first blog of the year in the same manner as usual, talking about food and an interesting (for me at least) topic/thought connected to it.

Festive Faenza

Although this Christmas was very different than the others (for those who celebrate it) keeping up some traditions could help to feel better about the change. For some this was the first time spending it without their families, making 2020 an even lonelier year if that is possible. It would have been the case for me too, although my second time apart, but fortunately I spent the holidays with a few members of my volunteer family in Faenza who also stuck in Italy. Trying to imitate our mom’s cooking, we had a very international menu and managed to watch almost all the Harry Potter movies too.

All the lockdowns, curfews and restrictions this past year really tested our mental health (as well) and there are only a few things we could do to make it bearable. Setting up routines was one of the things helping me the most while in London, but it was still difficult with so little human connections. Since my arrival in September I was lucky enough to be welcomed in a great community making it almost impossible to be bored even when everything is closed. I get a lot of love and feedback every day which help me to improve so I cannot imagine being in a better place during the pandemic (certainly not in the UK) – and this kind of gratefulness is how I always hope to start a new year.

Thank you all

Ci vediamo dopo,

Györgyi – l’ungherese


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