European Union gives great chances for young people but it doesn not exclude others. Most of the times EU mobility projects are looking for participants until 30 years old to be part in a project with a spesific topic approximately for 10 days. In this way people have the opportunity to learn new information, gain experience in variou field and meet new and interesting people from all over Europe. You can find online a lot of training courses and/ or youth exchanges. Whatever you choose you will definitely have fun. Let’ see now some of these opportunities…


~YOCOMO Systemic – an ETS MOOC on A Systemic Approach To Competence Development In Youth Work~

It is a project from 15 January – 15 February 2021, from a German organization.  It will take place online because of Covid.

This project offers inspiring lectures, animated videos, method demonstrations, practical tasks and development tools. This course is made for youth workers , but it’s free and open for anyone.

General Description:

This course will provide space and tools to:

  • Zoom out and see your youth work context as a living system. 
  • Explore what you are for your youth work system. 
  • Learn what competence development from a systemic point of view is. 
  • Discover what role the ETS competence model can play in your context.
  • Try out a systemic self-assessment and plan your development. 

The course is structured in 6 modules, which will be opened gradually over the 4 weeks.

  • 15th January: 1. Introduction module and 2. Systems and Systemic View 
  • 25th January: 3. The Role of Youth Work in My System 
  • 1st February: 4. ETS Model and My Youth Work System
  • 8th February 5. Transfer, transformation and moving forward and 6. Evaluation and Youthpass

Target Group:

The course is free and open for anyone, but it was built mainly for youth workers, looking for various tools and approaches for their competence development.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: even though there is a deadline (14 January 2021) due to the system behind these calls, the course will be OPEN ON 15 January 2021 and there is NO SELECTION PROCEDURE. And you can still enrol after the starting date.

Do not hesitate to apply and live this amazing experience. Of course in the end participants will receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. 

Enrol now at:


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