THE GARDEN OF ADELE: a sustainable nursery school in Peru

There is an association in Peru with the name: architetti, a group of young collectiva which was born from the desire of four architects, friends and a doctor to give life to an educational and collaborative design project: Adele’s kindergarten.

More specific, they try to build a kindergarten using sustainable materials in Peru, and more precisely in Encañada, where a proper kindergarten doesn’t exist. The main idea is an architectural, educational and collaborative project born with the intention of leaving a positive environmental and humanitarian footprint. The idea is to design and build a new childcare facility with local sustainable materials. The first step with funds will be the first classroom which, upon completion will be able to welcome up to 30 children. Outside, there will be a playground, garden and space for kids to run and play. The association promises to provide a welcoming educational enviroment with the least enviromental impact.

The name is based on a little girl Adele, who be forced to perinatal death, as many people like her. This is an example for how many people live the same pain. So maybe Adele will never go to school, but thanks to her the association can secure a brighter future for many kids.

El Jardín de Adele will be built in the village of Encañada, which is in the North of Perù. In the municipality of Encañada lives a group of Italian missionaries belonging to the “QUA LA MANO” non-profit association. They have done extensive volunteer work throughout the years and it will be their pledge to manage the kindergarten.

These are the goals we are setting with this project:

  • 1_ no poverty
  • 3_good health and well-being
  • 4_quality education
  • 6_clean water and proper restroom
  • 7_clean and affordable energy
  • 10_abate inequalities
  • 11_sustainable cities and communities
  • 13_ climate action

~ If you would like to contribute and help the association to make this dream true and

For more information please follow the link which can you find it in English and Italian version:


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