The beginning of a great journey

Dear readers,

Firts of all let me introduce my self. My name is Mary ,i’m 26 years old and i’m from Greece. Two years ago i finished my University and i took my dergee in Business Administration with specialization in Project Management.Meanwhile during my studies i did various jobs more or less unrelated to my field of study. I was working as waitress, as barista etc. and one day on my shift a colleaque of mine announced that she would go Erasmous+ in Germany. The very same day i had checked all the information on European programs and i decided participate also in Erasmous+ .So, i went in Poland for six months and let’s say that “the germ” for European programs entered me for good!

But i’m not here to talk about my Erasmous+ experience , i’m here to write to you about my ESC experience that is now begins!

On October 4,2020 i arrived at Milan airport with my final destination Faenza. It was a long long journey that lasted 14hours. The truth is , if you are asking my oppinion,if you ever want to come in Faenza i suggest to you not to choose:

1st, Milans or Romes airport, cause its easier to take a flight from Bologna which is closer to Faenza

2nd, take large luggage with you, it’s more comfortable to send your luggage to the place of residence than carrying them throughout your journey.

And i’m speaking from personal experience because i regretted doing the above…

When i arrived in Faenzas trailstation someone from the organization picked me up,helped me with my luggage and took me finally home. There for the very first moment i felt like home. The other guys (my flatmates) they welcomed me ,showed me the house and immediately took me to my room to settle dowm. I found the house a very pleasant place that doesn’t differ in anything from the warmth of my own home.Then with the new week’s start i joined my team ,i’ve met all the members of the orgsnization and our activities started! Of course during the next few days i din’n miss to go for a walk in the city which i found quite small but pleasant with some hidden jems which will make staying in the city definitely much more enjoyable… I’m very optimistic and excited adout my decision to come to Faenza and i can’t wait to see where all this will finaly take me!

Until the next time,

Mary ,Greece

P.S.Did you know that every afternoon between 6pm-8pm in italy they are used to taking aperitivo?this means that if you buy a drink or spritz automatically they offer to you some food and in some cases unlimited food!…so now you know!!!


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