Investing in a sustainable energy future for Europe

The EU is actively promoting Europe’s transition to a low-carbon society, and is updating its rules in order to facilitate the necessary private and public investment in the clean energy transition. This should not only be good for the planet, but also good for the economy and good for consumers.

The low carbon transition aims to create a sustainable energy sector which stimulates growth, innovation, and jobs whilst improving quality of life, increasing choice, reinforcing consumer rights, and ultimately providing savings in household bills.

A streamlined and coordinated EU approach ensures a genuinely continental impact in the fight against climate change. Moves to encourage renewables and improve energy efficiency are central to reducing Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and meeting Paris Agreement commitments.

Through the European energy union, the EU is ensuring there is a greater coherence in all policy areas to meet the broad objectives of creating a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system.

The EU also provides various funding opportunities and lending schemes to help companies and regions successfully implement energy projects.

On the international stage, the EU plays an important role, working together with other countries, regions and international organisations to tackle energy problems and ensure a reliable, competitive energy market within Europe.

Source (23.12.2019)


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