Valentine’s Day all over the World!

Are you ready for a Day full of love?

Yes, I know, at this point the 14th of February, well known also as Valentine’s Day is only a chance to consume more, to pay big amounts of money to make our other half fell special and usually we forgot the true meaning of love. Around those, still romantic enough, I’ m usually hearing that for them is Valentine’s Day every day. Although, I would like to celebrate it this year, but not with fancy and expensive celebrations, full of chocolate and flowers, but with these small things, small gifts that have all the meaning and you can appreciate more.

The majority of us know the Valentine’s Day celebration in a Western Europe way that is the most famous one. The story goes like this, you get your other half a present, you are making a reservation in a fancy place and you make sure of three things, wine, chocolate and flower. Of course, in all of this situation I couldn’t forget to say that all those things supposed to be happening from a men. We women are really sensitive and romantic so we have to receive all the gifts and all the love this day. For me, it’s 100% sexists, but I don’t want to start my feminist speech in this article.

So, as I’m against all these mainstream celebrations, I decided to write this article to talk a bit about how the couples show their love around the world. Get ready to see new cultures, new traditions and I hope you’ll be open to try some of them, too.

Argentina, A whole week of sweetness

Let’s forget about the daily celebration of Valentine’s Day in the 14th of February and let’s talk about Argentina. The lovers of Argentina are showing their love and celebrating it for a week, the ”Sweetness Week”. Seven days full of romance with couples exchanging gifts, flowers and cards. But also the heart of the winter isn’t ideal for them. They are choosing to celebrate this week in July, when the weather is warmer-and as poetically I can say- as their love warm their hearts.

Philippines, A big Gala Event

The people of the Philippines are choose to take their love story a step forward this day and it’s usually the day they are getting married. The government of Philippines is organizing a big Gala Event every 14th of February, in which thousand of young couples are getting married as a form of a public service. I don’t know about you but as romantic as it can be to get married in Valentine’s Day, the part about the other thousand of couples that are going to be celebrating with you doesn’t really like me.

Bulgaria, Day of the Winemakers

One of the most famous products to get the ideal recipe of the Western Europe’s idea of showing your love in Valentine’s Day is the wine. You must have some wine, to combine it with that romantic dinner. But in Bulgaria is all about the wine… On 14th of February, San Trifon Zartan is celebrated in Bulgaria, that means ”The Day of the Winemakers”. The young, Bulgarian couples are following also the magic ”recipe” of the perfect Valentine’s Day but with a bit more wine, or if we’re talking about me, I hope with a lot of it!

South West China, Sisters’ Meal Festival

Finally, I manage to found something really interesting and outside the ordinary… In Miao, South West China, they celebrating the ”Sisters’ Meal Festival” on the 15th March, as a way to saw their affection. The women of this place are putting on some extraordinary and awesome customs, that they are considering the most beautiful ones in the world for a Valentine’s celebration. They also cook various plates of colored that’s offered on silk fabric to young men walking on roads. The destiny of the lovelies inside the object found in the chosen rice. Two chopsticks mean love and a clove of garlic means the love is over before it has even begun. If I read it write, you also think that is the woman who makes the first step her?


France, Epicenter of Romance

We have to talk about Paris, right? I mean all these mainstream things that I want to get away from, are actually started here. It is believed that the first ever Valentine’s Day card was originated in France, when Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife from the prison in 1415. And the French village called “Valentine” turns into the epicenter of romance between 12th and 14th February. We have to blame him, or everything! Paris, with all its beauty became a center of romance and millions of couples are making reservation in the city only for the Valentine’s Day. Around the city you can see colorful decorations and the shops are always organizing events for the lovers.

Ghana- National Chocolate Day

Chocolate, the other ingredient in the recipe of success. In Valentine’s Day you need chocolate and here it comes Ghana to bring some to you. The government of Ghana took the step of nominate this day as a ”National Chocolate Day” in 2007, to increase tourism in the country. Ghana is among the largest cocoa producing countries in the world. This day of the year the people of Ghana celebrating love with plenty of chocolate. The cities are full of people and event are taking places with different recipes and kinds of chocolate. It has a consume side, but I would like to go!

Estonia, A celebration for Everyone

Another thing that I don’t like about the Valentine’s Day is that even though we are celebrating love we are only focused to the love of our significant other. What about the other forms of love? What about all the single people? So, Estonian’s are thinking the same! On 14 Feb, Estonia celebrates friendship day known as Sobrapaev. This amazing festival includes everyone, from couples to singles. So not just couples, but family members and friends also exchange gifts and celebrate love.

That’s it for today. I hope you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day tomorrow and to celebrate it in every way that you like. In the end of the day, the most important thing is to show your love whenever, wherever and in whatever way you can.

Danai, Greece

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