Mid Term Evaluation (Review)

Hi Ragazzi, welcome back to SEMI´s Blog. Today we are going to talk about the midterm. To make it easy, I decided to explain answer the most common questions at once, show the program and further, I will give my honest feedback about it.

The Midterm is a short training happening in the middle of the EVS project organized by trainers to the EVS Volunteers.
The Mid is a opportunity for the volunteers exchange experiences, know their possibilities about what they could do after EVS which includes the Youth Pass, have a moment to reflect about the experience abroad, to meet new people and therefore travel during the summer, and talk with the National Agency in case there are some questions. In my case, my Midterm was in Rome. But anyway, regardless where is located, all the costs are covered.
If you are lucky, you will find friends you made in your arrival training or people from your own country for instance.

Giorno 1
19:30 Arrivo dei partecipanti e sistemazione in ostello
20.30 Cena
Giorno 2
7.45 – 9.00 Colazione
Ore 9 Registrazione partecipanti: meeting point nella Sala Ovale
9.30 – 13
Attività di ice-breaking
Attività di team-building
Presentazione dell’Agenda di formazione, metodi e finalità
13 – 15 pranzo e tempo libero
Le mie aspettative
Il mio viaggio ESC
Debriefing e riflessione sulle attività della giornata
Ore 20 Cena
dalle 21 Serata cultura italiana
Orari Attività
Giorno 3
7.45 – 9.00 Colazione
Mattina 9.30-13
Giochi energiser e team building
Le sfide nella mia esperienza ESC: attività in gruppi
13 – 15 pranzo e tempo libero
Lo SVE che vorrei
Usare lo Youthpass
Debriefing e riflessione sulle attività della giornata
Ore 20 Cena
dalle 21 Serata conclusiva
Orari Attività
Giorno 4
7.45 -9 Colazione
9 – 13 Valutazione finale del meeting
13-15 Pranzo e partenze

I found out that is very helpful in some many reasons. At first sight, traveling abroad could seem a “sea of roses” (translation of a Portuguese expression). EVS is a great experience although, you can catch yourself sometimes in a lonely moment. And having the opportunity to go to someplace where more people that are living more or less the same experience as yours and both parts have the possibility of sharing is awesome. You feel that all the thoughts, the struggles and the opinions that you might have are common shared.
All the experiences are different, of course with more or less the same structure, but all of them should be treated as uniques. So, don’t compare your experience with others. Discuss how you and your organization could do better the things that you feel that could be improved because you still have time until the end of your project.

The only cons about my Midterm experiences were more related to the organization than the experience per se:
– The 4 days and a half were too short to and intense: at some points, we ended the day exhausted, and we had no time to see the city properly;
– The midterm was more “end-term” because for some people that was only missing 2 weeks to finish the project.

Next post I will give you some tips and advice I would like to know before coming to EVS. So, see you next time!


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