Farida Jafarova – Azerbaijan

Farida Jafarova, Pigreco Association

“ I think yes,  ESC is for everyone people just need to have enough courage to make the first step because after making the first step, I think they will realize how they will be changing while that process, how they will be making an impact in other people. because  ESC is not about  ESC with the Local cultures, but it is about the interaction with the cultures of people with whom you are going to work. So, for instance, our team is a very international team we have people from Russia, from Portugal, from Spain. I am not learning only Italian culture, but I also dive into the cultures of the people with who I am interact on daily bases. That’s why I think whoever will take this opportunity to be in other country and volunteering and sharing his or her time and knowledge with other people, and at the same time, learning and growing, thanks to other people that are surrounding them, that person it will definitely enjoy this challenge. Because challenges are the things that help us to grow so I think definitely everybody should enjoy this. However maybe people that have totally different values, like the ones that never volunteer maybe or the ones that don’t consider it right to work without being paid well, for them maybe can be wrong doing this.”

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