6 ESC (EVS) Volunteers On Social Media You Have To Follow

Ciao Ragazzi!

I hope you are doing fine! After going to Carnaval in Venezia (which by the way was AMAZING), instead of showing my experience, which I am planning to do in the future (surprise surprise), I decided to share some love: volunteers as me who are actually documenting their experiences.
First of all, it is safe to say that everyone is recording the EVS (ESC) life in their own way. So why I am sharing these specific pages? Because they have a more narrative component. I mean, it brings you there! And no, it’s not only in English. Actually, some of us embraced our own mother tongues! Before continue, if you are not familiar with the word “ESC” please read this post. I will bring again this topic here, but that post itself is very useful if you want to become a volunteer. Now, prepare your “follow button” and let’s start!

Dima Instagram

Dima is from Russia and shares his experience photos and storyteller content under it. You can definitely feel closer to him because his writing is down to earth and he writes with his heart (thank you google translation). He sense of humor is always on point as the photos of best posts in the cities he visits.


Juan Latasa Lerga Facebook

Juan is the most positive and funny human being I ever met. His posts are in Spanish with a touch of a diary writing, putting the most vivid experiences into words. Unfortunately, he gave up on EVS, but this does not hold him back from come with us in our adventures.

Aleksandra Haliciu Blog

Completely out of the box, Aleksandra goes deep into what is in her mind. 1 or 2 posts per month you can find reflections and introspective posts about this Romanian girl. But don’t let yourself be fooled: she writes in English and Italian.


Farida Jafarova Blog and instagram

From Pigreco Association also here in Faenza, a girl who is not afraid of being solo travel just pack and go. From Azerbaijan to the world Farida documents in English her trips in Instagram and the experience has a volunteer in Pigrecoblog.


Seda Orhan Blog

Go Social is a very complete blog, not only with the topics but also with the language. They offer you the translation to English, and then even have Italian posts! With 6 posts per month, this blog gives you a versatile content with a little bit more formal writing, comparing with the other social media pages.


Carmen Alcobio Instagram

The most amazing of all of those pages, only because it is mine. On Instagram I do travel vlogs, I post photos with a little storyteller in Portuguese and in English. Besides that, I write here, for you! My goal is not to show you the “dolce vita” but the real, normal and ordinary life like all the humans have.

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