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Ciao Ragazzi!

Today we are going to have a different post: an interview. I in collaboration with Tati (Tatiana Tsoy) decided to create an interview in order to continue this “informative content” I have been working at.

In case you are new here, Tati is also a volunteer like me and we are working in the same organization and living in the same house as well. If you are feeling more curious her, I would put down below her posts.

She has an amazing background, full of travel experiences and cultural diversities which I really want to bring here. So, let’s start and I hope you guys enjoy it!

So, Tati I know you did a little storytelling post about your life. But can you tell me please why you decided to come to this EVS? Why EVS and why Italy?

– Well, I was an activist during the study at university. Joined youth forums, participated in volunteering programs and projects, implemented my own projects for young people.

Graduated from university I decided to start “adult” life (to find a job and do all this “adults” staff. Still, don’t know what exactly people does) 🙂

After, a couple years of working I realized – I’m not completely happy. And that feeling pushed me to start to search for other opportunities.

I decided to do EVS. It’s one of the best ways to get the experience of living abroad, reach personal goals and take a gab (to think about my next step)

Why Italy?

Why not? 🙂

I mean, it is a beautiful country, amazing nature, kind and open-minded people and extremely tasty food!

In addition, I really liked my hosting organization and was interested in collaboration work.

You also have been in some youth exchanges! Which was your favourite and “less favourite” and why? By the way, can you give us any advice about it?

– That’s true!

To pick one favourite – molto deficile, you know? 🙂

My first youth exchange was in Armenia. Between 7 countries, like Poland, France, Croatia, Russia, of course, Armenia and some others…

It was an unbelievable experience. Imagine in so short time (1 week) you get so much information (topic was about non-violent communication, body language, tools to solve conflict situations) and it wasn’t just theory, according to the non-formal way of education we did a lot of practice exercises. And you learn from other participants, each of them has a unique background and point of view. Plus, cultural shock. Armenia is a very peaceful, an authentic country with beautiful mounties and views.

And it was my first time abroad. So… Yes, it was a really valuable experience.

After that, I caught a kind of addiction. I started to participate in a lot of projects, I was in Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece for youth mobilities.

Talking about advice – just one – “Carpe diem” which means from Latin – “catch this moment”!

While you’re young and free of a lot of responsibilities – travel, educated and makes new friends from all of the world!

Here some websites where you can find programs and projects:

Europian Youth Portal


Me and Tati, we basically do the same activities. But of course, everyone is different and have different preferences and so on. If you have to say the activity you like the most, which you would pick up?

– I really enjoy joining social theatre 🙂

People there, activities, message to the audience which we pass throw our performances.

For those who don’t know, Tati is from Moscow. So, what you will be going to miss when you come back to Moscow? And what are the major differences between Italy and Russia?

– People. Definitely.

Here I found nice people, and I proud to call them – my friends.

We do volunteering together. All of us from different places.

Alvaro – from Spain, Madrid. He loves to make jokes and go for crazy parties but at the same time, he is so educated, smart and gentle.

Very kind and attentive. Alvaro always brings us sweets and presents from his travels.

And cooks perfectly! Ohh, dear I already miss your paella and tiramisu! 🙂

Carmen – from Portugal, Lisbon. She is a really unique person!

Everything that she does – she does on 100%. Works on maximum; cooks delicious; talk to you with all her heartful and respectful.

She enjoys her life and keeps a positive way of thinking.

I learn it from Carmen. She has an inspirational personality.

Aaaaaand my little tiny “Ptenchik” 🙂 Her name is Farida and she came from Azerbaijan, Baku. She knows 4 and a half languages: Azeri, Turkish, English, Russian and study Italian. And during our conversations, she mixed all of them! It’s crazy! 🙂

I mean, frequently she talks to me in Russian or English, but with some Azeri, Turkish and Italian words. That’s really funny!

And it makes our communication very special, its something just between us.

So, yes I will miss them… It’s the only thing I will regret.

For ending this interview, and you say a message for all the Russian people who are reading this post and thinking to apply to any kind of Erasmus plus?

– I would like to say the same more or less:

Just try! Try it once and make your own opinion about this kind of activities.

One of the values of Erasmus: “Learning by doing”.

It is the possibility to travel, improve your English, open your mind by non-formal and informal education.

Good luck!

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