Ciao tutti! Ogni parliamo un po di evs!
I promise you one day I will write a post in Italian, but today is not the day.
That’s right, today I am going to answer some questions about EVS. If you don’t know what is EVS by now, just click here You are welcome.
Last year, I posted a photo on my Instagram stories asking if you have some questions about EVS. So this is a compilation about those questions and and some tips I might think are useful. If you have more questions or if something was not clear to you, why don’t you send us a message? We will be more than happy to help you. So, without more further ado, let’s move on to the post!


What made you do your EVS? and Why Italy?
The wish to slow down a little bit and think about my future, or as some as we call it – gap year – was definitely the main motivation to go. After knowing what EVS whats about, I thought It was a match. Going to Italy was always a dream since I was little. I don’t know how to explain, but of course, the food, the art, and the language has a big influence on it.

How to apply and where looking for?
Facebook – There is plenty of groups which you can apply.
European Solidary Voluntary Service 

European Voluntary Service

European Youth Portal

How you traveled with Shima (cat) – all the process?
First, as a matter of common sense, they will not cover your pet flight. I have the impression that in this kind of situation, traveling with cats is always more practical and cheaper. You have to take in consideration that economic companies don’t do it this type of service, there are mandatory vaccines according to the place you are applying for, the animal must have a chip and you must buy one suitcase (respecting the measures which change between the companies).

What do you think about EVS?
Evs for me is personal growth, self-conscious and cultural experience. Is going out from your comfort zone and putting everything in perspective.

What do you normally do in your everyday routine? I already have a post here about this question.

Good and not so good points about evs?
Good points: people you get to know that are living the same experience as you; the opportunity to travel (like work, you will have holidays to manage as you want), to know a new culture and a new language (and having a certification).
Not so good: it depends on the way of how the organization works, you would receive more money if you were working, not talking your mother language for months besides calls, knowing for sure you will have one more place to miss when you be gone.

What do you advise/ extra tips

Budget – the budget changes according to the place you are living in. Yes, you have money to live, but you will not be rich. So, saving money and using it wisely is the key. The accommodation is paid, you will receive money for your alimentation and pocket money for your own expenses.
Start a capsule wardrobe – less is more. Invest in quality over quantity and bring key pieces of clothes which adapt to the weather, the work and the lifestyle.
Adaptors – if you are going for instance to Italy, bring adaptors.
Learn the language in advance – today there is no excuse to not try it: duolingo, youtube channels, cheap books will make your adaptation easier.
Focus on what you are doing over where you are doing: your job will (always) be the same, so it’s important to be happy with that. If the location of your project is in a small city, keep in mind that you can travel.
Last but not least do the maximum time (1 year) – you can only do it once, so enjoy it fully.
I hope this post was useful if you are Italian and you are interested in having this opportunity, check our last post. We will be part of one EVS and you can be the one to fill the spot. So good luck!

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