What I do Everyday (Introduction)


today I’m going to talk about what I do everyday during a week. First of all I should tell what kind of projects I am in and after I will share how my schedule look like.

I am involved with one project called “doposcuola” organized by Pigreco (one organization that works with SE.MI). There, I have the opportunity to help one child with learning disability. I am also doing theatre ( 3 times per week), and no, I am not doing some Shakespeare character.  Actually, the type of theatre that I am enjoying is more like “Street Teatro”. So, it is more about intervention, and at the same time, promoting integration. Teatro Due Mondi, in my perception, is teatro for “real people”. A place where immigrants and refugees (and also locals). In my next posts I will explain more about it.

Besides that, I have the luck of being part of two big projects: Youth Exchange and Youth Center. The first is an event that get people from around the world together here in Italy. In a matter of saying, is a little Erasmus during 1 week. The second one, is trying to get patherners to do more projects.

Of course my EVS includes italian lessons, twice a week.

Last but not least, I have “blog time” because it is important to spread the word about my experience, and my “personal time” when I plan my personal projects. This is my favorite part, because I can have time to do things I always wanted to do, and now I have the freedom and time to do it.

Starting from the beginning:

Monday : I start the day with Italian Classes. And after a lunch break, I have “After School Session”.

Tuesday: Teatro by morning  and blog and social media in the afternoon

Wednesday: Again Italian Classe, Youth Center and Youth Exchange Meeting

Thursday: Personal Project time, After shcool, Teatro

Friday: Coaching moment, Italian study session and Online Courses.

For the next posts, I will tell you more about theatre and italian language. Hope you liked this post. See you!


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