Faenza First Impressions

For someone that came from a metropolitan city, Faenza is a whole new world for me. Less transit sound, more human contact.  Less movement during the weekend, more clean streets and floors. Less fashion trends, more comfortable clothes and styles. Less amount of people, more open minded people.

As humans, we tend to have habits, and try our best to have the same habits no matter the place and the time. Realizing that the place where I am living in, influences my way of living was something that forced me to adapt myself to the city. First, we question our habits, and then, loose some and we win others. I am talking about buying vegetables and fruits in the street market, separate the trash and adopt some minimalism philosophy. 


Talking about the differences between “now” and “before”, and still in one discovery phase, I decided to share here a storyteller moment. In a matter of informing and announcing that, inside of the store, someone is waiting for a baby, people put this kind of artefact at the door. The color tells if it is a boy (blue) or a girl (pink). I think is lovely and It makes everyone feel integrate into the community´s life.

It’s funny how even in a city (a small one) people still make connections with each other. Here people tend to create space in their agendas to … get together. As strange as this can sound: yes, they have friends, and people who cares about them. They do it to make sure that everyone is included in the community, to learn something new everyday and of course, to have fun after a workday.


Of course the fact of being a small town helps, but as a new friend of mine told me once “The people make the city. The city don’t make the people”.

Well, I bet this argument goes against all the books I did read about sociology  and humans sciences. And, at some point, he is half right and half wrong. Wrong because we are the result of our community, right because we also influence our community. That’s it: we live as a symbiose. But one thing I know for sure, even for a small town, people are very open minded (more than I expected). And Im glad for that.

Thank you, Faenza. 


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