Arrival Training


After a crazy week that was the arrival training, I finally have time and strength to say everything that my roller coaster of emotions couldn’t let me do it by the time Frederico asked to “relate that card with our experience”. I was absorbed with silence tears of facing goodbye once more and realizing that is something that will happen more often. Rather I like it or not, rather I’m prepared or not.
Three months ago I made the decision of packing my things, take my cat and go to Italy to live for a year. A country that always called me somehow. The need of starting a new chapter got the happiest “yes” I ever told.
Saying that this train is an illustration about my nomad way of living is so little as literal it can be. This train isn’t just me. This train represents everyone that I met last week. We may travel from different backgrounds, seeking for different destinations, but somehow our paths crossed. Our paths crossed and we are now a part of each other, a little part of me was enchanted for a little part of you. Along this road we will see things that cameras are not able to catch, meet people that understand love not only as a feeling but as a way of living, realize that the differences between us aren’t that big. And having that little “travel bug”. I hope you keep finding songs worth to sing along, even if it takes your breath away. I hope you keep feeling humble, I hope you try so much things that you run out of wishes. And along the way between the green trees and the brownish meadows, I hope you keep in mind that the one who are driving the train is you. There is no such thing as “goodbye”, when is worth to say “hello” again. See you, Carmen Alcobio.

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