International volunteering

 Chapter 1 


Ciao Ragazzi!

So, my name is Tati and I came to Italy from COOOOOLD Russia… (:

I’m here for volunteering (EVS) and will spend next year in one of the best countries (IMHO). I’m happy about that! And, of course, full of expectations…

And yeah..!

At the begging, before I start to share my thoughts and impressions – let me put some interesting (or maybe not) facts about me and my hometown.

Here in Italy people around me surprised from time to time – why I’m (girl from Russia) look like typical Asian and so afraid of cold…

So, I’m from south part of country, North Caucasus region, quiet close to Black Sea.

My city home is Stavropol and climate overthear soft and warm.

That’s why I don’t like cold at all, I’m in love with seaside, swimming, sun and extremely hot weather!

And Italy is perfect place for me because of it.


About my appearance…

Originally I’m Korean. Both of my parents are Koreans too.

Why we live in Russia?

It happened during the war between Japan and Russia (1904 – 1905)

Korea was a colony of Japan. And when Japan conquered some territories – she resettled the Koreans to development of it. Then Russia took back territory but with us already.

And in Russia lives more then 160 nationalities and ethnic groups! 100 of them lives on North Caucasus.

Could you imagine!

So nothing outrageous to meet someone with totally different appearance from the country which is a federation.

About Italy…

I new a lot of things and here some of them:

• Economic situation was much better before joining the European Union;

• Inside the country is another country – San Marino;

• Never order cappuccino or latte after lunch;

• «Allora» – the universal world and has a lot of meanings;

• During apperetivo you can have free snacks.

I enjoy exploring Italy and waiting for new impressions..!


P. S. For sure my first weekend I spent on the seaside (Ancona)

I’m not gonna tell something just put pictures (:



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