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JOBSHADOWING: Europe makers – Facilitating Youth


Andrea and I, of the association SE.M.I. in Italy, are in the middle of our Jobshadowing project in Check-In (Portugal).

We wish to share the application of the project, as well as our knowledge of this KA1 project within the Erasmus+ program.

Jobshadowing is an amazing opportunity for improvement for youth workers: it is a small project, with a small budget. More or less, the EU gives €1.000 grant per participant (which includes rent, food, everything). The project can last just a few weeks or 2 months and the goal is to learn how other associations work.

SE.M.I., for example, is a small and new Italian association, so we decided to apply for Jobshadowing in Chack-IN, which operates in the field of youth mobility since 2010.

Now, after 2 weeks of this project, we believe that it was a great choice. We had the chance to help Check-IN with the implementation of #ThinkerINg youth exchange, some local activities and we are now going to learn about the management of EVS projects and to write a youth exchange together.

What else? We now have not only one more reliable partner (Check-IN of course), but other partners from Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary as they participated in the youth exchange as partners!

If you are a youth worker and wish to improve you skills, or if you are part of a new association and wish to gain some experience and experienced partner… do jobshadowing!

It is the same application used for youth exchages, only difference is you have to select Mobility of youth workers instead of youngsters 😉

Best wishes, and good Jobshadowing to all!


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