AAA cerchiamo un* volontari* SVE: Grecia (1 anno, Thessaloniki) progetto già approvato!

In 2018 the Non Profit Company You in Europe”, Located in Greece, Welcomes 4 EVS Volunteers

From Italy, Poland, Spain and Portugal

For the project

Volunteers for society

Dates: 1.5.2018 – 30.4.2019 

Place: Nea Moudania, Halkidiki (near Thessaloniki)

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The place

The Municipality Nea Propontida, on the basis of the Greek Statistical Authority of the 2011 census, numbers about 36.520 inhabitants and the area of Nea Moudania, where the headquarters of the activities, collects half of the municipality population. It is the largest urban center in the region, occupying the top of the first peninsula of Halkidiki, from the boundaries with the Prefecture of Thessaloniki to the middle of the peninsula.

Regarding the age structure, Nea Moudania appears as the most dynamic with a greater percentage participation of very young ages (0-14 years, 18.8%), high turnout of new categories of 15-24 and 25-39 years (14.8% and 25.5% respectively) and relatively low rate of 65 years and older (11.3%).

Nea Moudania is a vivid commercial center, with a lot of shops, public services, bars and restaurants. During the summer, the population doubles, as it is also a famous touristic resort, due to the crystal clear waters and sandy beach.

Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece is only half an hour by car and features an interesting cultural and historical background, as well as vivid nightlife.

The project

The activities that required to work the volunteers are divided into categories – working packages, which are implemented in cooperation with other local actors:

WP 1: Sports – creative activities for children aged 4-7 years with a sports orientation (sports through games)

WP 2: Social offer, which is divided into:

– Reception and classification of product offerings and distribution to socially vulnerable groups

– Participation in charitable activities (cooking for persons, events to collect food, clothes and sponsorships)

– Collection of vegetables sponsorships from local street market producers and their disposal in needy

WP 3: Solidarity between generations, which includes creative and social integration of the elderly through actions such as:

Board games and memory games



Construction and crafts



Intercultural activities (presentation of the culture of each country)

Intergenerational dialogue and promote values ​​such as exercise and a healthy diet

Learning new technologies (computers, mobile phones, etc.)

WP 4: Cultural activities with participation in organizing local cultural events, recording and promotion of the region’s cultural heritage, etc.

WP 5: Information for young people – youth activities, including:

– Upgrading of the website and view our organization through internet / posters / social media etc.

– Promotion of the Erasmus + program and the idea of volunteering in the local community (through personal videos, presentations to schools and tuition and information events)

– Participation in the organization of Youth Exchanges and Seminars organization, the promotion and dissemination of these

– Open English lessons or the mother tongue of volunteers

– Open seminars depending on the interests of the volunteer (handicrafts, visual arts, new technologies, etc.)

Volunteers will work for maximum 38 hours per week, which include all the activities that described before and also gives space for implementing their own initiative. Two days as day off will be provided but the exact days will be agreed according to the needs of the project. Also, the exact time of holidays (apart from the official holidays) will be arranged after discussion with the hosting organization.

Useful Information (tickets, insurance, training,mentor, accommodationetc)

Travel cost reimbursement: Volunteers will be reimbursed for their tickets (airplane, train, bus), both ways, as following:

  • For the Spanish and Portuguese volunteers up to 360 euros

  • For the Polish and Italian volunteers up to 275 euros

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in an apartment that has 4 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen or in two separated apartments that has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitcen. In both cases the apartment/s is/are equipped to meet the basic needs of the volunteer himself to live there with dignity. Additional equipment can be added on request and deemed necessary.

Meals: Volunteers receive a monthly allowance, (150 euros per month), which they will be spend according to their will. They can cook in their accommodation.

Pocket money: Volunteers will receive pocket money (120 euros per month) for their personal expenses.

Transportation: The city of Nea Moudania is small and does not have local transportation system. If the volunteer wishes can travel by bike. If there are activities in nearby towns, villages etc. the program covers travel cost

Medical coverage: As Hosting organization we ensure that:

– The volunteer is insured by the insurance company of Erasmus+ program. The procedure has to be made by the sending organization.

– And further provided that the conditions hold the European Health Insurance Card.

In any case in Nea Moudania operating state health center and there are private doctors. Nearby, there is the Hospital of Polygyros and hospitals of Thessaloniki.

Training: Volunteers will take part in on arrival and mid term trainings, organized by the National Agency. Additionally they will be trained for their job.

Mentor: Mentor will be available when the volunteers will turn to him/her for support and will keep an eye on the needs. He/she will make sure that volunteers get the resources and tools needed to accomplish their tasks but also for their personal needs. It is also important to make sure that volunteer keeps in touch with the native country and his/her circle. For this reasons and also for positive achievements, mentor will have regular meetings with the volunteers.

Volunteers’ profile

We are looking for 4 for motivated and enthusiastic volunteers, able to get involved in cooperation and share their experiences and ideas, aged 18-30 years old, which will be chosen according to their motivational criteria, willingness to work in a team as well as commitment and interest to work with youth, elders, kids and people with mental disabilities. We will host four young people from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland who really want to live as a volunteer, to learn from their experience and to develop personal and professional skills.

Per partecipare, scrivi a o chiama Elisa al 389 8443025! Servono foto, cv e lettera di motivazione in inglese, ma se non parli bene la lingua non ti preoccupare, li possiamo preparare insieme! Importante: è tutto completamente gratis per il volontario!

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