Ciao bella Faenza!

Faenza in Europe

Come stai tutti? Questa settimana è estato un po’ più tranquilla. Noi abbiamo fatto una foto per commemorare il momento:


Here we are preparing the winter’s party, Christmas yeah! In Faenza the lights in the main square are really amazing, the shops with the special decoration, the cold and the coat… aisshh the smell of Christmas when you cook cookies, get fat for aaall the food and seeing the family again.

This week we continue working in our courses very enlightened, with the marvelous people from the english, smartphone and informatics courses and the fantastic and inteligent kids from the duopa scuola (2 more weeks and they will know more than us).


Yes, we begun to act according to the season – spend more time in warm home and drink more teas.

Our week begun very cheerfully – we received a super nice letter from our Polish Friend – Marysia. This…

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